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  • Mariluz Guerra Ariza

Mariluz Guerra Ariza: Featured Piece

Title: Abundance and Prosperity

Ariza’s piece represents the energy of prosperity. She started to develop the work after she read about the philosophy of Feng Shui and the importance of visual art for the energy balance of our homes. It is for this reason that Ariza chose warm colours, curves and shapes that resonate with the energies of action, creation, feminine sexual organs (yoni) and expansion.

About Mariluz Guerra Ariza:

Ariza is an indigenous woman from the Kankuamo culture, but was born and raised in a small city of Colombia: Valledupar. In the midst of exceedingly warm weather, cold tap water and the late-December season’s strong winds, Ariza began her exploration of the audiovisual arts.

Graphic designer by training, but audiovisual artist by nature, her artwork focuses upon inner shadows and light, both of which are important to an individual's overall harmony. Within this paradigm, she shares different forms of self-expression, always searching for better ways to support positive changes in society. 'Always towards the light.'


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