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  • Becky Bei

Moon Woman

By Becky Bei

The patriarch sits on the emerald chair in the dining room

bewildered, bemused, at the jokes shared among his children,

narrated in passing by the woman on the moon

so long ago - but they still catwalk up his ear,

from gaming landscapes, not the psychedelic houses in a line

or the kindergarten beside the circle village

or the flats on top of the pearl hills

from Polaroids yanked out of a crying infant's mouth.

Say cheese, mind the platform gap.

At the pageant, the babel fish must have decided to free itself

and swim to the rabbit's hut, which has got to be the reason why

the crusading children cannot talk in the skyward elevator now,

not to the house in the suitcase, not to the woman on the moon,

but still remember how to tie up the laces on their baby shoes.

About Becky Bei:

Becky Bei is a writer from Asia, where she is currently studying. Her work has been published in The Weight Journal, Ice Lolly Review, Blue Things Zine, and elsewhere.


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