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  • Martine Rancarani

Portraits of the Renaissance

Artwork by Martine Rancarani

As you view these pieces, consider the depiction of the woman and, more broadly, the treatment of the female muse. Consider the absent features and constrained body language. Look through the gaps and beyond the cover to discover the detailed commentary Rancarani provides on art, through art.

D'après Holbein, Jane Seymour

D'après Holbein, Jacob Meyer

Bronzino III

Portrait Holbein, Femme

Portrait Holbein, Femme

Bronzino, Jeune Inconnue

Bronzino V

About Martine Rancarani:

Rancarani teaches Arts, and practices all the different techniques under its umbrella every day. She examines, explores and experiments, and starts all over again, in order to express her commitment through stills or animated images. She most often produces series. Rancarani leaves a lot to chance, and then observes what happens. As an actress and spectator of her visual Art, she puts the image and the technique used to produce it into perspective. Ecology, body language, the image and position of women in society, clothing and nature vs. culture are the major issues she considers through her work.


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