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  • Sandrine Letellier


By Sandrine Letellier

this way yes this way

the avalanche

lifts up her arms for dramatic effect

looking down at this territory of me

all these unholy apertures

to unfurl loads of sullied whites

I am not dressed for this tempest

my body is wet fabric heavy

but I won't fold under the slab

of my own love

About Sandrine Letellier:

Letellier finds inspiration in human nature, music and the visual arts. She spends a great amount of time observing, pondering and wandering around her city. From Montreal, she self-published her first collection, Aftermath, in 2022. Her work has been published in Firewords Magazine and will be featured in forthcoming issues of Wild Roof Journal and Sky Island Journal. You can find her on Instagram @aftermath.poems where she posts daily.


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