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  • Monika Trotula


By Monika Trotula

Round like a Passover pancake,

a watchful and silent moon

has ascended over the rooftops,

daunting dogs.

Kaddish prayers have long diffused,

candles flicker out

dybbuks lurking in the corners

study the white gowns and loose black hair of the sleeping women.

Mice prowl in the walls,

stone wells tranquil,

olive oil lamps keep quiet vigil

while their flames dance with the shadows of the brooms and fire hooks.

Commodes and cupboards being covered in dust

and all the creatures inert and waxen.

Sleep, living things,

the night guardian

has paused the clock now.

About Monika Trotula:

Monka Trotula grew up in Poland and currently lives on the English seaside. She is a sea-kayaker, an occasional video artist, a guinea-pig-herd leader and a former moderator (motterator!) of a live stream about otters. Trotula often writes about the sea, forgotten worlds and the extrapolation of non-human consciousness. Her short story 'One nude dude' was published in the 'Hitchhiking anthology' (Ha!art, Poland, 2005) and her poetry has been published in Lucent Dreaming, The Writers' Club, Graveyard Zine and Erato Magazine.


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