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  • Marko Milić

The Vitality of the Everyday

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Photographer's Introduction:

'I offer a unique contemporary approach to everyday phenomena, expressing entities as animalistic shapes or as pure energy full of vitality, motion and meaning. My work focuses on capturing non-living objects and scenes to imbue them with life and accentuate their natural vibrancy. In my abstract work, I choose subjects such as tree bark and melting ice. The ice changes its structure every second. Just as it is about to disappear, I freeze it one last time, but this time, permanently, in my DSLR. Every individual viewer sees something different in this eccentric abstraction.'

Madman's Clouds

Storm, Earth and Thunder

Dancing Phantom


About Marko Milić:

Marko was born in 1998 in Nova Gradiška, Croatia, where he finished his high school education. His interest in art appeared while working with his father, a sculptor. That is when he knew his career path would be an artistic one. Pushing himself into the unknown, he opened a company called 'Logniture' in 2019, at the age of 20, dedicated to creating functional sculptures inspired by a love of nature. To promote the company, high-quality images and investment in a quality digital camera were required. Shortly after picking it up, Marko showed a great interest in and fell in love with the photographic medium itself, learned everything about the technical side, and dove into exploring the unknown. He started with product photography, moved on to simple shots of his dogs playing, then to long-exposure night photography, astrophotography and macro photography, which led him to engage in exploring the endless possibilities of abstract photography. Marko's work has since featured in a number of publications and multiple international exhibitions across the Europe, some of which were held in Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Athens and Stockholm.


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