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General Guidelines: 

- Include a third-person biography in a separate document.

- Wait 1 month before submitting again.

- We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published work, providing all rights have reverted to the author.


- You can submit 1-8 poems.

- At present, we do not accept spoken word poems.

Poetry translations:

- Please send us the original poem alongside your translation.

- The poem must have been translated infrequently (or not at all).


- We accept flash fiction, vignettes and short stories, but not lengthy pieces. Word count should be between 100 and 4,000 words. Some exceptions may be made, depending on the work.


- Please send a brief summary of the article and specify a focus.

- Word count should be between 700 and 4,000 words.


- Please send clear, cropped images of your work alongside medium, measurements etc.

- You can submit 1-20 pieces (or an online portfolio).


- You can submit a small portfolio (1-15 photographs).

- Include titles and a brief introduction to your work.


- You can submit 1-20 aphorisms.

Where do I submit?

Please send your work to the following email address:

You should include the type of entry in the subject of your email (e.g. poetry, article).


If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. 

Haven't received a response yet?

Sometimes our editors are just busy reviewing submissions, but if you have waited a significant period of time for a response, please do send us an email. Occasionally, emails are moved to spam without us noticing. We do our best to avoid this, but it does happen from time to time.

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