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  • Laura Ferries

A Cappella

By Laura Ferries

I piece together these jigsaw words

thread them together in broken verse

spaghetti sentences

spun around my tongue

tangled elegantly


a language not so much spoken but sung


I season my accent,

pepper my punctuation;

marinate slowly the sentence formation.

Meanwhile, his English is crystal clear,


but still

A cappella

I learn the lyrics

I wing the words

still songless birds

raw in the word

down to the bone

unusual dictionary

devouring the words, I nurture them known.

About Laura Ferries:

Ferries is a high school English teacher and writer who explores life, love, place, and space in her poetry. She runs a travel blog at and has self-published two collections of her poems. Ferries has a love of languages, and speaks Spanish and Italian. She performs regularly at spoken word events in Liverpool and hosted her own bilingual English-Spanish poetry night in October 2021.


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