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  • Ratika Bhardwaj

A Ride with Time; Au Revoir

By Ratika Bhardwaj

A Ride with Time

Time, An inexorable chariot; Every receding second, A trailing memory; You blink, breathe, Strike a pose, Look right, then left; Count to one, Frown, Smile, Ahh! Where's the present? Onerous, A ride with time, Isn't it?

Au Revoir I remember My aching heart, The pinch of numbness, The hush of silent tears, The roar of unsaid thoughts, Waves of suppressed emotions, Myriads of unfulfilled moments, Ah! The fear of next morning, The part of me losing, Fragmented like the sunset hues, Disappearing, Causing endless yearnings, Alas! Our last rendezvous; 'twas you leaving abroad.

About Ratika Bhardwaj:

Bhardwaj hails from a small district, Shivpur, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. She is a bibliophile and an animal lover. She holds a Masters degree in English Literature. After graduating from the University of Delhi, she developed a taste for writing. Bhardwaj worked as a content writer for the local newspaper, Aapka Times, in New Delhi. Her poems have been published in the international magazine, Pratik: A Magazine Of Contemporary Writing. Presently, she is working as an assistant editor for Pratik magazine.


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