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  • Rebecca Kenny


By Rebecca Kenny

Today I crashed my car and now

Several parts of me are broken. My spine

Was chipped, breastbone split;

My pelvis divided into two and yet I am

Still here and lucky to be awake and alive.

But -

I did all I could. Followed all rules -

Seatbelt. Speed limit. Steer into the skid.

Don't drive drunk. Don't text. Keep a two-second gap.

I did it all, and more than that -

It still didn't stop the crash.

The reason? Oil across the road.

An issue totally beyond my control -

I could have prepared myself for any situation

And I still would have veered

Into oncoming traffic.

So why are we telling our women to be more savvy?

To flag down a bus or hail a taxi?

Dangerous men are just like oil on the road -

Impossible to avoid. Impossible to decode

In the seconds before disaster.

Nobody has told me I should have driven better -

So let’s stop asking women to somehow avoid danger.

About Rebecca Kenny:

Kenny is a teacher and poet from Liverpool. She writes about life, love and all the mundane parts of existence that make her feel something. You can find her on IG @rebeccakennywrites. She also is leading the Write Outside creative retreat in April 2022.


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