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  • David Leo Sirois

Fontanelle; Over Water

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

David Leo Sirois, a double feature

Sirois' reading of 'Over Water' can be accessed here as a recording:

Over Water


Each bridge defines the finest way within

The métro reaches from rue de L'Alboni

Over water Ether’s river

Anchored boats with rows of potted plants

sway in the grey-brown flow

The silver tracks of the train overhead

Giant rivets keep things whole

My mind ecstatic jacket torn

Light leads seekers through dusk & dark

My heart resists weary of whirling worlds

this moon a white wafer for a willing tongue

Wordless seagulls April water

I wish to dip my head Onset of night

as snowdrop & crocus exist as past

Their understanding beyond my own

some essence of not bound between

2 .

I want to pierce this atmosphere

extract its raison-d’être

In time I am reminded

by fiery blows of kindness

What my eyes reveal the soul devours

growing sick on sights unsaid

I drown myself in fluid pavement

that absorbs a quest for questions raw

Sky still refining its ceaseless painting

My eyes burn though streets are glazed

with passing rain scent of the midst

of April when clenched pink buds all

blow in one orchestrated moment

Grasses’ endless silver eyes

Linden begins to exude its golden incense

Comes the day as always

tossing its silk white sun-stained

upturned-gravity untamed ever-moving

contemplative burning hair from side to side

as a sound within encircles

the ear of my ear constant hum

a wrenching in the heart

hovering faint hint of honey


The tracks stretch across the river’s rolling glass

imbibing sky

I cannot arrive at where I am

without the name that keeps me sane

I must name

Aurum Birds wake before gold

sing without ceasing & then


Seagulls wheel over the long water

crying out their timeless tale ~

Midway in the journey of our life

we found the ocean lost to us

& begging for some bond with water

wandered with every feather to seek & find

5 .

Each bridge defines the finest way within

The heart unclenches its scarlet fist

amid the endless footsteps & elevated winds

Whether I walk toward you or away

the impression stays I am steeped

in royal faintly sweet oceanic abandon


In the rotating light of a Springtime triptych

from rain to blue that blinds to nuits blanches

I watch your absorption in this canvas universe

Golden hue of the sun slowly lowering its brow

The power of Prussian blue in our overwhelming dusk

Titanium white shine of snowy owl wings

Candor of Naples yellow from which a convincing

gold can be made Cavalier flashiness of my favorite purples

Burnt sienna’s incarnations as agate & red sand

The wind is wide open

There is drizzle on our hands


From the highest point of rue de L’Alboni ~

see hundreds of meters of electrified rails

the color of tarnished silver

walking off to traverse the river

in purest perseverance Then long green trains

levitate in steady locomotion

in front of or behind

your hypnotizing attire

merging 3 colors

as wind-made waves play over the water’s face

& time flutters frequently

to allow us longer moments

I slip another silver coin

into the green cat’s eye of the heart


Clocks have been stripped from all walls

as well as all forgotten gods

in an orchestrated effort to disorient us all

along the silver corridor where time abides

in its own loneliness almost absent at this time

Even the eyes of my eyes cannot trace

how long it has lasted & how far it will stretch its

long thin limbs It is not available for questioning at this time

At this time we cannot say or guess

the trajectory of flashes on/off

to open wide eyelids & shut them down again

The space between seconds is

Interminable unbearable at times

& the length of my spine

is sometimes immeasurable

The crown of my head quietly lifts off

of its own volition

Fragile circle of my fontanelle

Point of gentle pressure

from pure fire below

The tiniest bit of dust is

all I am capable of carrying at times

My questions sing in an unbroken flow of

legato notes & a melody of urgency

toward a certain yet forever unexpected end

The rest is silence he said

& let go of his breath

About David Leo Sirois:

Sirois is a Canadian-American poet published 115 times, in 13 countries. His work has been translated into 9 languages (Hindi, Bengali, French, German, Czech, Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Doric). He hosts Spoken World Online, the Zoom continuation of SpokenWord Paris. Sirois' first book is called Humbledoves (poems to pigeons & plants). He won Third Prize in Winning Writers' Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest, and his poetry has appeared in journals such as The Bombay Review, The Poetry Village, One Hand Clapping, The Sunday Tribune Online, THE BASTILLE, and Terre à Cièl (which also published his translations from the French).


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