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  • Duane Vorhees

Love and Science

By Duane Vorhees

Wasn't it Einstein

who gave precision

to relativity?

They say a life without love is a cataclysm.

Why didn't Einstein

make love

less variable?

Wasn't it Newton

who took force

from an apple?

The first discovery of love is like baptism.

Why couldn't Newton


passion's energy?

Wasn't it Fleming

who wrested the cure

from the mould?

The loss of ardour is psychic catastrophe.

Did Fleming know

there is no relief

from lust?

Didn't Einstein

define love as

space, time, and power?

The persistence of such love is a masterpiece.

Didn't he actually posit Eros

as mutual carnality squared?

About Duane Vorhees:

Duane Vorhees taught in Korea and Japan before moving to Thailand. Hog Press of Ames, Iowa, has published three of his books of poetry, Heaven, Gift: God Runs Through All These Rooms, and The Many Loves of Duane Vorhees.


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