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  • Emma Conally-Barklem

Vespertine; Tranquil

By Emma Conally-Barklem


Delicate pinion of rose gold gathers warmth towards the centre,

A gilded bloom which can only be divined by the sun.

Veined appellation, forewings, hindwings,

powders to ash to the touch,

So, keep your distance, my essence is sunk in the deep whorls of the juniper berry tree

Where cypsela catch the light in me.

A plaintive waltz ‘twixt shrub and bee,

A lonely dance in the vespertine.


Tranquil. Languid souls,

We glide on this riverboat between reeds,

pollen floats in dappled light,

A flight of fancy captures me,

sun-dozed & care-free,

trail tingling fingers,

listless ease in ripples.

About Emma Conally-Barklem:

Conally-Barklem is a yogi, freelance writer and poet based in North Yorkshire, England. She writes on nature, mental health, grief and wellbeing. Her published poetry includes: ‘Home Fires’ Hestia (hearth & home) Issue 4, Free Verse Revolution Literary Magazine, ‘No Coward Soul Am I’ (Highly Commended in the ‘Black In White Poetry Competition 2021), Black In White Community Collection Anthology book, ‘Lodged In My Throat’ Winter Issue #9 2021 Please See Me Online Literary Journal ‘Endings and New Beginnings’, Poetic Reveries Magazine Issue 3 December 2021, ‘Cargo’, ‘When The Clouds Break’, ‘Out Of Place’, Sunday Mornings At The River Spring 2022 Anthology (March 2022) and ‘Vine Terrace (East)’ Ey Up! Bent Key Publishing Summer anthology 2022. Her poems, ‘I didn’t try’ and ‘I Won’t Go Quietly’ were recently longlisted for ‘Sanity’ Mono Literary Journal Poetry competition out of over one thousand entries and her poem, ‘Camouflage’ was a finalist for Perhappened Magazine, the ‘Disguise’ issue.

Her articles, features and sequences have been featured in various national UK magazines which can be found on her website and on her Instagram page @emmaliveyoga.


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